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No Body Gets Out Alive

This is one of my favorite quotes.  By a person who at 19 months old became deaf and blind and eventually learned to communicate on a scale that most of us will never realize with all our senses intact.  She graduated from Harvard, was an author, political activist, and met every president during her lifetime.  It's hard  fathoming just learning to communicate with only 3 senses.  It's simply amazing what she did.   In large part, it's due to the fact that she didn't let fear stop her.  How different would our world be had she held herself back and she/we would never have experienced the gifts she brought forward.

Playing it safe, letting fear hold you back.   Why?  To protect yourself from the unknown, your imagined worst scenarios which usually never come true.   Don't let your imagined little fears hold you back and keep you playing small.  Be the person of your wildest dreams.   Live your life to the fullest-you have this one wild, precious life-what gifts are waiting for you to bring to this world?