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Melissa Mason-Abstract Art
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Art for the audacious collector

Abstract Art inspired by the horse

Have you been looking for a fresh, contemporary style of abstract art?  The kind that will intensify the moxie of your living space?  Paintings that ooze with “look at this amazing piece of art I found.  Don ‘t you just love it?”

If you are a timid, milquetoast collector, this is not the place for you. This art is for the trendsetters and creative rebels of the world.  The ones who like to discover original, innovative treasures and share these gifts with the world.

So let’s go for a ride, have a look around.  There are 2 portfolios, one non-representational (no equines were used in the making of these pieces).  And the other is the representational images of the equine.

There is a lot to see here.  Take your time, enjoy the show and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have

Melissa Mason
386 295 0035

PS  Lately, much of my art is being sold before it has a chance to make its public debut.  So be sure and sign up for my newsletter to be notified of new pieces before they go to their new homes-link at bottom of page.