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A Beautiful Mess

This ALWAYS gets me out of my slump!    Though, it's a love/hate relationship.  I know what I have to do,  but I always drag my feet getting started.  I dread the preparation, dragging all the canvases out, arranging 6-10 of them strategically on the floor, prepping all the paint, brushes, mixtures, buckets of water, planning out the order of application, what brush should go with what color, etc... Some days I just want to go in the studio, dip a brush in the paint and start painting.  But, no that's not to be for me, somewhere along the line I got the "action" painter virus.  Which entails using 10x's the paint, canvas, and energy that a somewhat "normal" (I use that term loosely) artists uses.

So, getting past all that, now I get to the fun part.   The part I love, the pouring, splashing, squirting, brushing, dripping, going from one canvas to the next, just getting paint on canvas, watching the colors merge, beautifully formed shapes that I couldn't make happen if I tried.  Love, love,  love the spontaneity + freedom of this method.   This process never fails in getting those proverbial creative juices flowing again!

Now we wait for the paint to dry....