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One Word

One Word

Something I recently came across and thought I would share. The new year always brings on all the goal-setting, resolutions, diet plans, challenges, cleaning, organizing, researching, endless lists, etc.... In the midst of all this doing, a good way to get clarity is to choose a word, ONE word to focus on, to dive into, to be your theme for how you want to be for the year.

Some suggestions in picking out a word by Shakti Sutriasa are:

Heat Wave 52x64

Heat Wave 52x64

1. Ask-Get quiet and simply ask: What is my word for 2017? Is there something I could benefit from focusing on?
2. Use A Book-If you’ve asked and nothing comes to you, you can always try this cool trick. 
Grab a book, any book, off the shelf and close your eyes. Think about your word for the year and then randomly open the book. See where your eye lands and what it reveals.
3. Meditate On It-Once a word comes to you, try it on. Settle into the energy of that word.

• How does it feel?

• Is there an opportunity for learning and growth?

• Is this where you need to go in 2017?

My word for the year is “Feather”. I want to go through this year and not get weighed down by all the “stuff” that I must do. We are human”beings" not human "doings". How do you want to “be” this coming year? What is your word-I would love to hear it?