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Melissa Mason-Abstract Art
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Sugar Daddy

A Reflection of You


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 “Sugar Daddy” is a striking work on canvas, with thick layers of luscious paint, embellished with pastel line work, creating a mesmerizing surface quality.   Anything but ordinary and guaranteed to be a conversation starter.   The inspiration for this piece is a sorrel horse named Butters.  A stately looking horse with a red coat that glistens in the hot summer sun.   As for the title-“Sugar Daddy”, titles come to me sometimes before the painting.  Which this one did, and this piece eventually appeared to suit the title.      


Bringing Interiors to Life

“I was looking through the magazine "Mountain Living" when I first saw Melissa’s art. I fell in love with it! We are building a Mountain Contemporary home in the Lake Tahoe area and thought it would be perfect in our new home! Being that it is an original art piece made it even more special for us! We loved the beautiful colors and the contemporary abstract feel to her beautiful painting and knew it would be a stunning piece featured in our home. We have shared her painting with our friends and family in hopes that we can bring more of her work to our area. Melissa shows her energy and passion through her paintings that resonates into a beautiful piece of art that we will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for sharing your work!” -Sandra &Cliff Chase

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The size is 52X64, acrylic and pastel on gallery-wrap canvas . No frame required, but can be framed if you prefer.


*contact me to purchase or
386 295 0035

***no risk guarantee, try it out for a week and if you don’t like it, return for a full refund


Not sure how this will look in your space. Email me a picture of the wall you would like to see it on and I will digitally place it into your room. Take a picture that is straight on, like the one to the left, keeping angles straight. Take a dimension off of something, like the width of the fireplace, couch… and email to