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Melissa Mason-Abstract Art
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In Indian cultures, the horse symbolizes the ability to transport the Shaman between this world and the spirit world.  Upon finishing a painting, I am mesmerized for a period of time as I sit and observe it.    She’s speaking to me in a language that draws all my attention within.  Provoking me to quietly look.   It’s begging something of me- to be in this present moment.  This search for meaning in a mad world. Guiding me.   This intangible, intelligent 6th sense rising up through all the logic and social conditioning of our worlds.    “Madonna”, beckoning to us.

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The size is 64x46, acrylic and pastel on gallery-wrap canvas . No frame required, but can be framed if you prefer.


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386 295 0035

***no risk guarantee, try it out and if you don’t like it, return for a full refund